Yazoo live album

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Yazoo live album

Indlægaf Lind » ons apr 21, 2010 12:37

Vince Clarke made a very brief appearance on Howard Stern's Howard 100 News radio show last week talking about his career so far, the current music scene and 2008's Yazoo reunion, in the process revealing that there will be a live Yazoo album released in September … more news on that when we have it
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Re: Yazoo live album

Indlægaf DEVOLEB » ons apr 21, 2010 15:31

I know it's been a while since you received any news from the YAZOO mailing list, but the band have today announced the very exciting news that they will be releasing a much-anticipated live album in September and I wanted you all to know straight away... here's the press release;




“As if they never parted” – The Times

“As they breathed new life into their short but immaculate back catalogue, Clarke the glacial controller, Moyet the bringer of warmth, their pioneering contribution to pop music could be heard in every song.” – Daily Telegraph

“Clarke has unobtrusively retooled the band’s music for the digital age, making their vintage 1980s synthesizer ditties sound crisp, fluid and timeless” – “Performing on a minimalist stage of high-tech steel and neon, Moyet slipped easily into turbo-throated blues-diva mode” – The Times

YAZOO release RECONNECTED LIVE on 2xCD, LCD and download on 27th September 2010.

RECONNECTED LIVE documents one of pop’s most anticipated tours: Vince Clarke & Alison Moyet reunited for the first time in over 25 years. The Times said: “Clarke has unobtrusively retooled the band’s music for the digital age, making their vintage 1980s synthesizer ditties sound crisp, fluid and timeless” while The Guardian noted, “Yazoo’s first tour in 26 years finds the chemistry behind their smash hits unchanged.”

RECONNECTED LIVE, from summer 2008, features classic tracks from Yazoo’s albums ‘Upstairs At Eric’s’ and ‘You And Me Both’, including Only You, Don’t Go and Situation plus tracks from ‘You And Me Both’, such as Nobody’s Diary, performed live for the first time ever.

The joyous, unlikely coming together of Vince Clarke, who had just left Depeche Mode, and Alison Moyet lasted for only 2 albums, saw them originally only performing only 24 concerts worldwide, but they left an indelible mark on pop. Yazoo released ‘Upstairs At Erics’ in July 1982 then parted company just 12 months later on release of the second album ‘You And Me Both’, which reached Number 1 in the UK.

Speaking prior to the Reconnected tour, Vince Clarke said: "It's been really good going back to these songs after such a long while. Many of them have never been played live. I'm looking forward to performing them with Alison for all the fans who've enjoyed our music through the years but never had a chance to see Yazoo in concert"

And Alison Moyet said: "Playing this material live is not about revision for me, it is about finishing something we started – writing, recording, performing. Three parts of a whole. A salmon cycle. It’s like going home.”

“When the pair hug each other at the end, it feels as though the audience want to join in.” - The Guardian

More details when I have them!



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